Sunday, April 28, 2013

Introducing Myself


in this post I want to tell you a few things about myself and my motivation for this Blog.

I studied Pharmacy in Germany, and am working in the Quality Department for Pharmaceutical Products. What is the connection to video games, you ask? Well, the term "Quality" is important in both cases. Of course, no patients´ lives are on the line in the case of video games. Still, we prefer video games of higher quality, naturally.

Being a hobby game designer that has already released a few games I have good insight into the development process. Couple it with my knowledge about Quality Management of highly critical products and it will hopefully result in valuable feedback for game developers.

The title screen from my latest game, but beware: it is in German only at the moment.

A very important thing I want to make clear in advance: criticism often has a negative undertone because I will often point out things in games that didn´t work out too well. It is not my intention to flame or talk bad about the reviewed games. In fact, my schedule is very tight so if a game can hold my attention for a long enough time to make a review about it, you can consider it a fascinating one even if it doesn´t sound like it from what I am saying about it.

I am very busy travelling across the country at the moment, so I hope I will find some time to write a few more articles in a couple of weeks.

Projects planned for the near future:

- Darksiders 2
- Lost Kingdoms 2
- Xenoblade Chronicles

I am looking forward to your next visit to my Blog.

Valadurs Erbe, a.k.a. Pad

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