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What a strange name

"Valadurs Erbe" is the German subtitle of the game Hell Gates 2. It can be translated with the words "Valadur´s Legacy" or "Valadur´s Heir". This also gives the subtle hint that I am living in Germany. And just like most of the other German people I am quite afraid of posting personal information on the internet. So I will stick with the pseudonym Valadurs Erbe, for the moment.

Title of my game

I made the game Hell Gates 2 over a time span of 8 years and it is  still growing as I work on different patches and bugfixes. It is a free game, but only a German version is available for download. It is also a focus of this blog.

My gaming passion

I also enjoy immensely playing all kinds of games. I prefer games with complex mechanics and relatively fast pace (but my reflexes are not as good as they were, damn age). I tend towards games with medieval or fantasy settings. I also like a good challenge and imaginative worlds to explore.

A few examples:
  • Darksiders 2 [multi-platform]
  • Etrian Odyssey 4 [Nintendo 3DS]
  • Might and Magic series [PC] (can be bought at gog.com)
  • Super Mario Galaxy 2 [Nintendo Wii]
A picture of my game collection at gog.com

 As you can see, I prefer games that were developed with passion and creativity. Games from the category "at least one sequel per year" are not my cup of tea. I even lost interest in Mario Kart and Mario Party!

You can also browse my profile in the Backloggery to see the games I have played.

In the meantime...

Playing so many games and even developing some gives you a lot of insight into the subject of what makes games interesting. But now that Hell Gates 2 is finished, creating a new one is out of the question. I mean, 8+ years to meet my standards? That is a bit too much.

Instead, I try to support other game developments by offering advice to the designers. This is still time-consuming but not nearly as bad as doing the whole thing on your own.

It started with the game Path of Exile, continued to Lords of Xulima and it will hopefully go on...

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