Sunday, October 23, 2016

Guest Blogging: Why 'Final Fantasy 14' And 'Path Of Exile' Beat Their Competition

Maybe you have already noticed, but in the comment section of my latest article I was contacted by a site called That is a website with lots of blog articles by fans on different topics. The stuff was mainly movie-related but they are branching out into video games. After a few mails sent back and forth, I decided to give it a try and posted a few articles there. So I guess I am guest blogging now.

1. Why 'Final Fantasy 14' Is Totally Different To 'World of Warcraft', And Why It Is A Good Thing

The first guest blog entry is a review of Final Fantasy 14, an MMORPG that tries to distinguish itself from the top dog World of Warcraft as much as possible. Which makes the game great but also hard to get used to.

Final Fantasy 14 dragoon class in front of dungeon ruins
A dragoon in light clothing.

2. 'Path Of Exile' Is The True 'Diablo 3'?

Diablo 3 marked a big departure from many features that were present in Diablo 2 and beloved by fans. This resulted in a whole lot of games that claimed to be the true spiritual successor to Diablo 2. Almost enough to create a new sub-genre. You can discover more about "True Diablo 3" games in this article. Path of Exile stands out as one of the best in this area and the blog article demonstrates why.

Bloody results of a daily quest by Elreon, the Loremaster in Path of Exile
Lots of enemies to kill, as expected by a respectable hack and slash game.

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