Monday, December 9, 2013

Recently on Kickstarter, Part 1 of 5: Festival of Magic

Introduction: Why I visited

Fool me twice, shame on me. After falling AGAIN for a marketing gag of a big gaming company and expecting the next rpg game of the year, I think I almost deserved to be disappointed again. So I decided to throw my money at small Indie-developers for a change. Browsing I found several promising games in the genre of the role-playing games. Some too ambitious to have a real chance to be funded, some too simplistic for a seasoned player. But seeing all these rough and uncut ges and the thought of helping all these fascinating projects to become reality gets me excited even as I write these lines. So here is my Top 3 of the fantasy-RPGs that were recently presented on

Place 3: Festival of Magic

This game will immediately catch your eye with its colourful and bright visuals and art direction that are very reminiscent of the Playstation 2 era.

In my opinion, the protagonist even looks a bit like a human version of Jak from Jak and Daxter.

Maybe it´s just my imagination...

Gameplay-wise, it is your classical turn-based J-RPG with a slice of Harvest Moon as the plants you harvested are used as ammunition in the battles. There is even a Pre-Alpha version of the game available for download. From my perspective, this game has lots of potential and will even be released on consoles. Which is a plus, considering that the Wii U owners are quite starved for good RPG titles. For my taste, however, the game is lacking a bit in the character customization (static level-ups) and combat depth (mostly standard attack and standard attack + elemental attribute), which can, of course, drastically change during the ongoing development.

At the moment, the development team thinks about cancelling the current campaign and relaunching in late February because the campaign is going so slow. It looks like all the money of the consumers is spent on the brand new consoles.

Forward to part 2 of 5

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