Friday, December 13, 2013

Recently on Kickstarter, Part 2 of 5: Deathfire


Place 2: Deathfire – Ruins of Nethermore

This game was labeled somewhere as the spiritual successor of Shadows over Riva (click here for a review from Gamespot). For veterans, this brief explanation will be enough to look forward to playing this game. For the newer ones: it will be a first-person rpg with very complex character customization and elaborate game mechanics (crafting and such). You even have to consider negative attributes like fear of undead.

I also expect a charming, unique soundtrack like in the Realm of Arkania series. It holds up even after this many years and with all these competitors on the market.

The game features a dark and unsettling atmosphere with realistic, detailed 3D-graphics.

But there is my biggest fear about this project: It may be too ambitious to get fully funded. As I write this lines, the kickstarter campaign closed with slightly more than 50% of the required money pledged. Which still was a hefty 200k $ but not enough to fund the completion of Deathfire.

 As a plan B, it was decided to create this game episodically and divide it into 6 chapters. While it sounds reasonable and I see why it is required to establish such mini-goals, the general stance towards episodic releases appears to be fairly negative. There is some fear that it will make the game less complex and we will get 6 mini-games instead of one grand and epic adventure. Even after the game designer explained how the following episodes will be added to the game instead of being separate entities. If you are interested in backing this project and bring this epic story into existence, you will find the opportunity on the game´s website. (Update: sadly, the project was cancelled.)

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