Thursday, August 7, 2014

Recently on Kickstarter, Part 5 of 5: Lords of Xulima (final words)

Why Lords of Xulima will be a great game

Substance: the foundations are already there

While many projects on are not much more than ideas and animated tech demos, this game looks to be fairly far into development. A video displaying the first minutes of the game is already available, so there is already a solid foundation, giving the backers more insight and also more confidence in the project.

Graphics: timeless and charming

The graphics are mostly 2D. Many players seem to have developed an irrational dislike of 2D graphics but I consider it to be the right choice for Lords of Xulima. 3D graphics and game worlds are expensive, look silly if not done properly and are more prone to bugs. Plus, they do not age very well and look ugly just after a few years. For this reason, you can still enjoy the visuals of 2D-classics like Mega Man while the early 3D-games with their low-polygon, choppy characters look ugly like sin.

Lords of Xulima: marketplace in Velegarn
The town of Velegarn, at the marketplace

Music: immediately captivating

Due to the amount of money pledged during the kickstarter-campaign, the game will feature a full original soundtrack. Judging by the main theme of Lords of Xulima, which is already available on the YouTube-Channel of Numantian Games, we will get some really beautiful music. The main theme makes you think about all the mysteries and wonders that are waiting to be unveiled in the game.

And where are the problems?

People who prefer complex games with deep and intriguing mechanics are very skeptical about new games and tend to stick to the good old games from the past. Not really a surprise because most of them are left emotionally scarred by the shallow game experiences and clever marketing campaigns of the big companies. Here lies a big risk for the Lords of Xulima, which does not have a striking resemblance to one of the famous old-school rpgs. The influences are plenty, but they are very subtle while other kickstarter projects tapped into the nostalgia of our childhood memories very bluntly. For example, games like Project Eternity draw the attention of all the Baldurs Gate fans out there. Lords of Xulima tries to stand on its own (while also drawing inspiration from this games) and therefore could miss to catch the attention of old-schoolers. So let us attempt to create a spark to ignite the flame and help the designers spread the word.

Interesting links from the creators:

Steam-site of Lords of Xulima

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