Sunday, February 15, 2015

Fanart from Hell Gates 2

Fanart, these cool drawings from dedicated fans that also sometimes surpass what the original creators had to offer. Since Hell Gates 2 is not the biggest blockbuster out there, chances are slim to find many inidividuals among the playerbase that are gifted in the ways of drawing. In this article I present you the works of such a person. This fanart was submitted by Vanessa.
Drawing of Lord Gent from Hell Gates 2 by Vanessa.
Lord Gent from the opening sequence of Hell Gates 2, drawn by Vanessa.

As you can see from the picture above, Vanessa added lots of detail to the rather simplistic appearance of Lord Gent in the game (see below).

Opening sequence from Hell Gates 2 with Lord Fortes and Lord Gent.
The guy to the right is Lord Gent as he appears in Hell Gates 2.
Since Vanessa likes different fantasy races to be more than just color swaps and more pointy ears, her interpretation of the playable Goblin race looks a bit different than a human with green skin.
Interpretation of the Goblin race of Hell Gates 2, drawn by Vanessa.
A hero of the Goblin race.

Her next drawing is a pretty big one. It depicts the hero of the game as he rests in Paradise Valley, admiring his newfound treasures while being stalked by stone beetles. Due to the immense detail, it is quite a challenge to present it in the simple blog format. But let´s give it a try:

Unsuspecting hero from Hell Gates 2 is chased by stone beetles, drawn by Vanessa.
The unsuspecting hero is chased by stone beetles in Paradise Valley.
That´s all for now but if you want to leave some comments on the drawings, I will make sure to forward them to Vanessa.

Speaking of art, the character artworks in Hell Gates 2 are scheduled to be reworked. You can see a side-by-side comparison in this video on YouTube (left: old, right: new). I am still a bit undecided on which portraits to keep, so any oppinion on that matter would be highly appreciated.

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