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Wishlist for Lords of Xulima 2, Part 9

The long journey is coming to an end. The last chapter of the big wishlist for Lords of Xulima 2 will cover little details from the classic Might and Magic series that were somehow lost in the course of time. Nice little touches that I would like to see return.

Title screen from Might and Magic 6
Title screen from Might and Magic 6

11. Wishes from a veteran Might and Magic player

Paper dolls

Paperdoll in Might and Magic 7
Zoltan the Knight, not very intimidating.
In Might and Magic 6 to 8, your inventory screen showed a representation of your character wearing all his equipment. What made this paper dolls so special is the fact that they were more than just functional previews of your character´s appearance in-game. They were larger and more detailed 2-D portraits of your characters. There were also no equipment slots, you simply put the gear on your hero and he dresses up as required. It was a bit of added interaction with your characters. Plus, it increased the feeling of accomplishment as your characters went from poor rag-wearing peasants to heavily armed mercenaries.


Hiring a companion in Might and Magic 7
Hiring a companion in Might and Magic 7
Pre-made or custom characters. Still a hot debate today. But there is also a lesser known step-brother: the companion. These brave souls follow your hero and his party into all the dangerous places without (much) complaining. In some games they actively participate in battle, in other games they just offer useful support. My favourite companion from Might and Magic 7 was the guy that identified all your equipment. For Lords of Xulima, adding companions with more personality would open up the opportunity for more party chat, since Gaulen´s travel companions were unnervingly silent in the first game.

Class promotions

Class promotion for Paladins in Might and Magic 6.
Paladin class promotion in Might and Magic 6.
Sometimes, being a knight for your whole life isn´t satisfying enough. Working on your career and getting promoted to warlord or first knight can be very exciting. Especially if the promotion also grants you access to new abilities and opens up new possibilities in combat. Wouldn´t it be awesome if you would start into Lords of Xulima 2 with the same classes as in the first game, only to realize that there would be so much more diversity several hours into the game? Bonus points if there were branching career options to further tailor your party to your specific needs.

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