Thursday, May 26, 2016

Discovering Elder Scrolls Online #2: Skyrim Remastered

After adventures in Mournhold, the capital of Morrowind and the Ebonheart Pact, the journey continues southwards and into the swamps of Shadowfen before finally arriving in the regions of Skyrim.

Village in Shadowfen, Elder Scrolls Online
Less glorious than the capital.

The vegetation in Shadowfen is more swamp-like than what we are used from the earlier regions of the game.

Swamp wilderness in Shadowfen
Lush vegetation and twisted forms dominate Shadowfen.

My urge to do screenshots was a bit lower at this time, so the next screenshot that looks halfway decent is already from Eastmarch, a region in the eastern part of Skyrim.

Eastmarch landscape in Elder Scrolls Online
Beautiful landscape, the corpse disturbs the mood.

Did you play Skyrim? Remember these guys that kicked your corpse into the clouds? Well they are back but with less kicking power.

Giant from Elder Scrolls Online
There is indeed one giant that will kick you very far.

They put a lot of heart into the interior design. This is a place you barely spend five minutes in.

Elaborate architecture within a mini-dungeon
What an elaborate architecture. Such wow!

This place looks like nature reclaimed most of it.

Destroyed hall in Elder Scrolls Online
The hall was destroyed and nature crept in. This is a forgotten place.

Skyrim is not covered entirely in snow. In fact, there is not too much of it to be found.

Castle in Eastmarch, part of Skyrim
Good enough to be my summer residence.

As every MMORPG, Elder Scrolls Online offers non-combat pets to collect. They are rather hard to come by, though. Vanity items like that are commonly bought with real money.

A cat pet from Elder Scrolls Online
Cute kitty.

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