Friday, December 20, 2013

Recently on Kickstarter, Part 3 of 5: Lords of Xulima


Place 1: Lords of Xulima

I have to admit this project does not look like much at first glance: on the kickstarter page you are greeted by 3 character portraits smiling away at you, giving you no exact idea of the things to come.

While other games try to emulate the old classics, this game follows a slightly different approach: the developers observed the components that made the old RPG series great and created something new out of it.

The Game

In Lords of Xulima you control a hero called Gaulen the Explorer and his five friends (these five can be completely created by yourself, with 10 classes at your disposal). Guided by a dream sent by the gods of this world, he sails to a forgotten continent. During exploration, the game is very similar to classics like Baldur´s Gate, but once combat begins, it will look like a mixture of Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy 10 and the newer Etrian Odyssey series.

The Music

Due to the amount of money pledged during the kickstarter-campaign, the game will feature a full original soundtrack. Judging by the main theme of Lords of Xulima, which is already available on the YouTube-Channel of Numantian Games, we will get some really beautiful music. The main theme has a surprisingly memorable tune and makes you think about all the mysteries and wonders that are waiting to be unveiled in the game.

Lords of Xulima - Main theme on YouTube

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